Values Added is a new Sustainability Consultancy based in the UAE.

Our mission
To give organizations – businesses, government, NGOs and social enterprises – the inspiration, tools and platforms to unlock their sustainability advantage and create shared value for them and society.

our values

With social and environmental issues of an unprecedented scale and awareness of these issues at an all-time high among your stakeholders and the general public, we believe corporate sustainability should no longer just be a PR exercise or a “nice-to-do” thing driving incremental change.

Our approach is geared towards enabling organizations to be more strategic about Sustainability so they build more trust, respond better to their stakeholders’ increasing expectations for value and values and realize their full potential for driving meaningful social and environmental change.

To this end, we bring together qualified experts in Sustainability, Environmental Education, Development-Training, Fundraising, Communications and Social/Environmental Partnerships, all sharing a passion for sustainable development, the integrity and drive to deliver a real and lasting impact for our clients and the issues that are of most concern for their business and stakeholders.

Nicolas Delaunay, Founder of Values Added

Nicolas has two decades of experience driving awareness, education and raising funds for leading names such as CNN in Europe,WWF in the Middle East,in the areas of climate change and energy policy environmental education and biodiversity,and now as Founder of Values Added.Read more